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The Last Stand is released in studio version on Amazon and spotify, same artwork see webstore Dec James Releases Resurrection see our webstore Out of Control available on CD from 2013 Buy the 2013 release of Out of Control CD from     our store 25th Anniversary 2011, Collectors album signing all year by appointment, contact dec@blackwych.com for details. The album was recorded January 1986 and released later in the year. A Landmark Irish NWOBHM album with  as it turned out a highly collectable front cover by Alan Craddock. The band saw their first Irish & UK tour with “Out of Control” ( metalp 111 ) in 1986 following the launch of Green Metal compilation (metalp 103 ) by Metal Masters & Crashed Records in 1985  at the projects art centre in Dublin, Blackwych have two tracks on this album, Out of Control and Metal Mania. This album was released on vinyl in the UK & Ireland.
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